Stackable Crane Bins

Stackable Crane Bins

Stackable Crane Bins
These heavy duty Stackable Crane Bins are suitable for all waste products. Built from quality 3mm – 5mm plate, these fully welded units come in either painted finish, or Zinc Plated if you think you will be regularly using wet gear. There’s been a bit of thought put into these. The space saving shape allows bins to nest either inside or on top of each other – which means cheaper freight and easier storage for you! Once they’re on your doorstep, they can be lifted via their 2 way entry Fork Pockets or Craned via their Crane Lugs. You can even use the bottom lugs for upending the bin and emptying via Crane or Fork.

Stackable Crane Bins Features

SCB 112 @ 0.75 cubic metre capacity @ 1000KG SWL
1200 x 1230 x 895 @ 150kg Unit Weight

SCB 212 @ 0.75 cubic metre capacity @ 2000KG SWL
1200 x 1230 x 895 @ 220kg Unit Weight

SCB 115 @ 1.25 cubic metre capacity @ 1000KG SWL
1500 x 1230 x 1095 @ 180kg Unit Weight

SCB 215 @ 1.25 cubic metre capacity @ 2000KG SWL
1500 x 1230 x 1095 @ 290kg Unit Weight

SCB 121 @ 1.8 cubic metre capacity @ 1000KG SWL
2100 x 1230 x 1095 @ 230kg Unit Weight

SCB 221 @ 1.8 cubic metre capacity @ 2000KG SWL
2100 x 1230 x 1095 @ 380kg Unit Weight

Stackable Crane Bin Specifications:

Fork Pocket Sizes:             160 x 65mm
Fork Pocket Centres:       1 Tonne units@ 585mm
2 Tonne units @ 865mm

Optional Wheels:               Heavy Duty Rubber or Cast Iron
Optional Pockets:              4 Way Entry

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