Safety Cages

Our range of available Safety Cages have been designed with safety in mind.  These cages are essential when carrying out maintenance tasks of short duration and when occasional usage requires safe working at height.

But our range does not stop there as maybe you need to transport product instead of your workers, but still need to keep the product secure when transporting at heights.  We have you covered with Pallet cages and Safety goods cages.

And storage and transport is not a problem with easily collapsible cages available for space saving during transport and storage.  Best of all they assembled quickly without any tools in seconds.

We also supply the Ergo Safety Harness which is a full body harness with single D ring.

We also come onsite to you so you don't need to waste time travelling or spend hours on the internet searching for the exact product you will need.  And best of all, if your needs are specific and require a custom cage we can build just the one you need.

Safety Cages
Mesh Cage showing gate

Mesh Cage

Mesh Cage The MMC-01 Mesh Storage Cage is a stackable transport and storage cage ideal for production, warehousing and component storage ...
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Pallet Cages

Pallet Cage

Pallet Cage This Pallet Cage is designed for safe storage and transport of loose or packaged goods. The side panels ...
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Safety Cage Collapsible

Safety Cage Collapsible This Safety Cage Collapsible Flat model is easy to store and easy to assemble. It complies wiht ...
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Safety Cage Goods Crane and Forklift handling

Safety Cage Goods

Safety Cage Goods A pallet size cage designed to transport goods using either a fork lift or crane. Safety Cage ...
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Safety harness'

Safety Harness

Safety Harness A full body harness, this Safety harness will provide the safety that is expected. Check out the features ...
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