Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks enable transfer of your product through the warehouse both efficiently and conveniently.  They are the right solution for mid-distance warehouse runs as well as loading and unloading trailers.  These units are a handy, multi-use solution for nearly any application.

The great advantage of the pallet trucks over the forklift is you don't need to get a licence for your workers to drive a pallet truck.  This enables you to start using these range of pallet movers straight away.

One thing that does go hand in hand with moving pallets around is having a great layout and storage solution for your pallets.  At Materials Handling Solutions we have several shelving systems options for you to consider.   

These shelving systems can meet your storage requirements to get the space efficiencies you require.  The pallet storage range is a low cost solution so call us so we can get you the right pallet storage and transfer requirements sorted.

And we come to you onsite at your location.  No need to jump in the car and come to us, as your time is precious and we want to work with you to get the right solution to any Materials Handling Solution you may need.

Pallet Trucks
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