Lifiting Equipment

At Materials Handling Solutions we have a great range of lifting equipment to meet any possible need and application you might have.

And as is our promise, if we don't stock it we will just build it ourselves.  

Lifting Equipment options to consider

Vacuum Lifting

Be it Vacuum lifting sheets or smaller heavy items we can meet your vacuum lifting needs.  We even have vacuum lifters that can attach to Jib cranes for larger applications where moving over greater distances is an issue.

Pallet Lifting

If moving pallets is a job you need doing then we have both electric and battery operated models.  There is even the stand on electric pallet truck where no fork lift license is necessary to obtain.

Drum Lifting

Maybe you need to move large drums about, we again we have you covered with tilting and rotating solutions as well as lifting and carry options.

Low Profile Trolleys

We have low profile trolleys, wheelie bin tippers chain hoists to name just a few. 

Electric Chain Hoists

We have several different hoists depending on your requirements.  The Porta Hoist is a great option as its a compact model that comes in its own carry case.

Forklift Attachments

We can supply Fork hooks with a 2500kg capacity and a Forklift Jib attachment with a 4.5 tonne capacity.

Custom requirements.

Check out our custom fabrication options to if you can not find the right lifting equipment here.

Check out the gallery and let us know what your requirements are so we can get the right gear for your needs.