Jib Cranes

Your Jib Crane is tailored to you;

– to your capacity [25 - 2500KG]
– to your height above your equipment
– to your reach [1 - 8 METRES]
– to your areas [0 - 350 DEGREES Manual/Electric Slew]

to Lift with either:

– Electric Chain Hoists
– Electric Wire Rope Winches
– Pneumatic Hoists
– Manual Chain Blocks


and Powered by:

– Single Phase power
– Three Phase power
– Pneumatic Power
– or Manpower 

so you can:

– stack and empty pallets
– stack, empty or move any type of carton
– safely lift large and heavy objects from a clear distance
– transport objects from a floor below to a floor above
– and much much more.

Thus your Jib Crane pays for itself 

and then earns you money by:

– reduces tasks from multiple to single operator tasks
– reduces strains and injuries
– reduces worker fatigue
– increases speed and thus raises productivity.
– freeing your forklift/driver & reducing fuel/emissions.
– keeps employees and WorkSafe happy

Jib Crane

Jib Crane

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