MHS Jib Cranes and Vacuum Lifting solutions

MHS Jib Cranes and Vacuum Lifting Solutions.

MHS is a proven leader in the design and implementation of jib crane and vacuum lifting solutions. Remove the complex material handling challenges you have by allowing MHS to not only design the best solution but implement the solution.

Jumbo Flex

One-hand operation up to 50kg

MHS are authorised suppliers and installers of the JumboFlex Vacuum Lifter.  The JumboFlex lifter is well suited to handle goods up to 50 kg both ergonomically and with high cycle rates. 

The control handle fits comfortably in either hand and allows the operator to work for extended periods of time without fatigue.  With simple one-finger control, lifting, lowering and releasing the load is extremely intuitive.

The JumboFlex features allow it to tackle virtually any task. It comes standard with a quick-change system for replacing the vacuum grippers. Workpieces which are gripped from the vertical side automatically swing back into the horizontal position where they can be continuously rotated.

Jumbo Ergo

Motorcycle designed grip for up to 300kg

MHS can design, supply and integrate a Jumbo Ergo Vacuum Lifting solution. With a twist grip designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle large and heavy loads such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and solar panels can be moved gently and precisely.

The length of the operator handle can be varied, which allows the user to always maintain a safe distance from the load.

Exchangeable grippers allow the Jumbo Ergo to handle any materials that need to be moved, avoiding employee strain and injury. So you can easily configure multiple vacuum grippers that are custom-tailored to your exact needs.

Vacu Master

Move heavy loads ergonomically and securely

MHS can design the perfect Vacuum Lifting solution for your company using the VacuMaster ultimate workhorse.

Whether handling metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets – the lifting devices tackle even the heaviest tasks with weights up to several tons.

For applications where many hands would normally be required, the VacuMaster allows workpieces to be handled effortlessly by just a single operator while protecting the employee’s health.

Jib Cranes

Designed for Vacuum Lifters

MHS are experts in the design and implementation of Jib Crane Vacuum Lifter solutions. MHS can take your requirements and combine the perfect Jib Crane with a vacuum lifting enhancing your working environment and materials handling.

Constructed from Aluminum, the Jib Cranes can be mounted from the Ceiling, Wall, Freestanding Column, in fact, almost anywhere.

Let MHS take the headache out of material handling by helping you deploy the perfect Vacuum Lifter, Jib Crane solution.

Jib Custom Builds

Custom Solutions

MHS has both the experience and knowledge in the design and implementation of complex crane and vacuum lifting solutions.

All quotes are free, and we will come to you and provide the right solution and quote. This will save you valuable time that you may not be able to afford.

Tracking Systems

Extend the range of Vacuum Lifters

MHS have years of the implementation of overhead crane systems. These Tracks Systems can offer impressive low friction operation.

A favourable weight-load ratio ensures that even heavy workpieces are handled effortlessly. The equal distribution of loads on all the supporting rollers prevents the transport trolleys from tilting.

The modular design allows the crane system to be attached to any steel structure or other superstructure.

Call MHS now to get a no obligation free quote, or fill in our form and we will give you a call. MHS jib cranes and vacuum lifting solutions can save you money and enhance the well being of your employees by providing a safer working environment.