JDN Mining Hoist

JDN Mining Hoist

jdn mining hoist

The JDN M-series are specifically designed JDN Mining Hoists for underground mining operations where loads can be lifted, lowered and horizontally pulled. Due to their versatility, they are also suitable for many different industrial applications.

The M-series have the same features as the JDN PROFI-series, however; they operate with an air pressure of only 4 bar.

JDN Mining Hoist Features   

  • Manufactured in Germany, under strict quality control with demanding tolerances.
  • All JDN models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.
  • Patented pre-lube motor design for low maintenance, oil-free operation.
  • 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycle suits all environmental conditions.
  • Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to + 70 °C.
  • ATEX-approved models available, suitable for application in dangerous and explosive environments.
  • Fail-safe brake, in case of air supply failure.
  • Cast iron housing suitable for severe conditions.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance design.
  • Two chain falls for operation in both directions.
  • Specially designed for horizontal and vertical moving of loads.