JDN mini Air Hoist

JDN mini Air Hoist with travel case

JDN mini Air Hoist

The JDN Mini Hoist focuses on applications in the light duty sector as a handy, flexible and light-weight hoist. The optional Mini Manipulator can be used to lift, lower, traverse and position loads in an easy, manual manner. The carrying capacities vary from 125kg to 980kg, with the 125kg model and the 250kg available with optional travel case exclusive to JDN.

With its patented motor brake system and robust aluminium housing the JDN mini consists of only a few components result in low and easy maintenance.

JDN mini Air Hoist Features

  • Manufactured in Germany, under strict quality control with demanding tolerances.

  • All JDN models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.

  • Patented pre-lube motor design for low maintenance, oil-free operation.

  • 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycle suits all environmental conditions.

  • Only six atmospheres of compressed air required.

  • Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to + 70 °C.

  • ATEX–approved models available, suitable for application in dangerous and explosive environments.

  • Also suitable for horizontal pulling. Self-cooling economic air motor which will not overheat.

  • Fail-safe brake, in case of air supply failure.

  • Wear resistant motor braking system.

  • Extremely sensitive lever control with emergency shut-off valve; maximum control length is 6 metres.

  • Price competitive alternative when compared to other types of powered hoists.

  • Easy operation and low maintenance design. Lightweight for easy handling.