MHS Hoist Equipment

MHS Hoist Equipment

At Materials Handling Solutions we have a selection of Electric and Air models to meet any lifting need you may have.  Our range of Hoist Equipment represents great value, and are designed for flexibility and durability regardless of the lifting application.

Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist

Hitachi’s reputation for excellence in design, quality, reliability and performance has made this brand a global market leader. With over three decades of proven reliability throughout Australasia and an extensive operating range, Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists are suited to most applications. The Hitachi models vary from 250kg to 15 tonne capacity and are available in three or single phase, two speed or single speed while being tested to the Australian standards.

Pacific Electric Chain Hoist

The Pacific Electric Chain Hoist offers great value when considering its price in comparison to its quality. These models vary from 250kg to 2 tonne capacity and are all tested to the Australian AS1418.2 standards. All hoists are inclusive of many features which makes them suited for most applications. Optional Motorised Trolleys are available to complete the package so give Craig a call to get the right hoist for you needs now.

Pacific High Lift Hoist

The Pacific High Lift Hoists are designed with a unique angled 10 pocket wheel to allow high hoisting speeds at a 40% duty cycle. Capacities range from 125kg to 1000kg and all hoists are fitted with overload protection for added safety. Height of lift can be customised up to 80 meters which makes this hoist suitable for very specific industry applications.

JDN Air Hoist

The JDN Air Hoist is a high quality, superior Air Hoists which is known for its robust design. This makes the product suitable for tough industrial applications, even in continuous working processes. Safety features, as 100% duty rating and explosion protection, are an important advantage for using the JDN Air Hoist even in hazardous areas.

JDN Mining Air Hoist

The JDN Mining Air Hoist is specifically designed for underground mining operations where loads can be lifted, lowered and horizontally pulled. Due to its versatility, the JDN Mining Air Hoist is also suitable for many different industrial applications. The JDN Mining Air Hoist operates with an air pressure of only 4 bars.

JDN Low Headroom

The JDN Low Headroom Hoist is the solution where headroom is restricted and standard trolleys are unable to meet the lifting height requirements. This, together with having the JDN Air Hoist mounted in a horizontal position, could just be the answer in a difficult lifting situation. MHS are able to come to you, provide the right solution and free quotation to meet your exact needs.

Don’t see what you are after? MHS can supply other models of Hoist Equipment and what is shown here is just a sample. Call Now or fill in our enquiry form to get a free no obligation quote, and we will drive to you so that we provide the right solution and quote. This will save you time and worry.