Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling made easy

When it comes to handling drums you can benefit from greater safety and convenience with MHS drum handling solutions.

Drum lifters make lifting and transporting drums easier and the adjustable drum clamps pick up drums safely. The width of the chassis makes it possible to easily span and pick up a drum at the back. You can also benefit from the advantages of the innovative drum transport options including a variety of forklift attachments 

With these drum transporter and drum lifting solutions you can lift 205 litre drums with rims easily off pallets. These innovative drum transporters make lifting and transporting your drums a lot easier.

Browse through our range of barrel lifting equipment and if you do not see what you are after, we will build it for your.  Custom builds are our speciality.

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Drum Tilting Barrels

Drum Tilting Barrel

Drum Tilting Barrel This Drum Tilting Barrel unit is a fully enclosed chain drive & crank operated worm gearbox to ...
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Drum Spill Bins

Drum Spill Bin

Drum Spill Bin This Drum Spill Bin is built to Australian Standards and can handle from 1, 2 or 4 ...
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Drum Rotators

Drum Rotator

Drum Rotator This Drum Rotator Can easily lift raise and tilt loaded drums. Forklift drum rotator is designed to fit on ...
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Drum Lifters

Drum Lifter

Drum Lifter Designed for standard 205 litre steel drums, the fully automatic clamping action enables safe and precise placement of drums ...
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Drum Grabbers

Drum Grabber

Drum Grabber This Drum Carrier Transports fully loaded drums. This is really Drum handling made easy. A good field of vision ...
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