Container Ramps

These ramps are designed especially for bridging into a standard containers from ground level.   The 6500kg model is by far our most popular ramp. The 6500kg ramp is also used for vehicle loading from a raised dock. A Self-levelling lip allows for full load capacity even when on slightly uneven ground.

Also consider the 8000kg and 8000kg long models if you have heavier capacities to consider.   The 8000kg long model gives a 3000mm long ramp with a 2320mm width.

Finished are in both Enamel paint and the bright easy to see Safety Yellow finish.


Container Ramps
container ramp 8000 kilos

Container ramp 8000

Container Ramp 8000 Now you can load trucks from docking bays with this container ramp 8000. A total length of ...
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container ramp 6500 kilograms

Container Ramp 6500

Container Ramp 6500 This ramp was designed especially for bridging into a standard container from ground level. It is our most ...
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container ramp long 8000 angle shot

Container Ramp long 8000

Container Ramp long 8000 With a 3.0 metre overall length (1.5 metres of which is horizontal) this style container ramp ...
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